First blog post

Geez, I don’t even know what to write here. I started this thing on a whim, I was really just looking at what’s available if I decided to started a personal online fitness diary. Next thing I knew, I was being asked to choose a blog name and being handed a First Blog Post. What? How did that happen? I almost feel tricked into it. But that’s not what really happened, obviously. I chose to push the button. I made a choice, as poorly thought out as it might have been. Sorry, I don’t have any big plan.

So, now I have a fitness blog. But let’s be clear here. I’m not a fitness guru. I’m not an inspiration to anyone. What I am is almost 40, fat(ish), slow and frustrated at my lack of motivation. I run a book review blog, See Sadie Read (see the clever naming scheme I have going on there) and I find that I get a lot of satisfaction from it. I do it entirely for my own amusement, there’s no financial reward involved, but I like watching the posts stack up. So I thought I might try and bring the same  feeling to exercise with a fitness blog. That’s it. That’s my big idea.

I think I leave it here for a first post, go dig up some ghastly pictures of myself to use as before shots, decide if I want to chance a naked mirror shot (ok, not naked-naked, but you know nothing hidden behind clothes), weigh myself, find some tracking widgets, figure out how differed from, set myself up a schedule and then write an I’m Starting Here post. Wish me luck.



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